22 Jul

Getting back into the workplace is all about face-to-face contact:

Contact with colleagues, teams, managers, new starters, old friends, business partners… the list of the people we’ve all missed goes on.

Because face-to-face contact – in the real-world and not via a webcam – engenders so many positive outcomes:

Surfaces – not people

As workspace managers gear up for enabling that all important real-world contact when workplaces reopen, there is at the same time a drive to enable contactless experiences.

The difference is, here we are talking about contact with surfaces – not with people.

Desk booking and workspace optimisation tech can now enable a range of no-touch or low-touch physical interactions as both employees and visitors flow through a workplace – from reception, to meeting room to desk.

And by doing so, workspace managers can continue to nurture employee and visitor trust and confidence in the Covid-security of being back in their workplace.

Here are some of the ways this can happen

Touch-free desk check-in and check-out

Desk booking systems and workspace tech can support a range of desk check-in methods to allow passive check-in/out as the user ‘docks’, so reducing the need to touch surfaces.

  • QR code
  • RFID card
  • Universal computer docking stations
  • Smartphone app
  • Presence detection sensor hardware

The options in more detail...

QR Codes

Placed on desks, these enable booking, check-in, and check-out using a mobile device

Docking Stations

Windows client application installed onto a user’s device detects a docking station connection and automatically checks them in upon docking

Presence-Detection Sensors

Placed under a desk or in the ceiling, these enable the automatic detection of user Smart Sensors
RFID Card / Smartphone Tap

Check-in and out using a smartphone or an RFID card through Bluetooth-detection or a card reader

Manual Check-In

A low-cost and rapid deployment approach enabling manual check-in via our mobile app or web booking tool

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